Most followers on Instagram: List of celebrities

Like other social medias, Instagram is also responsible for giving different features. It is believed that when people come to know that they will get the most advanced features in one social media, they will like to have an Instagram account.

Followers and the following are the two main features that are given by Instagram. If someone’s account is private, to see his photos and posts, you have to follow him, and these photos and posts will be visible to you when he accepts your request. On the other hand, followers are those, who find your Instagram account interesting and they want to follow you.

If you have a large number of people on Instagram, people will think that:

  • You are rich.
  • You are famous.
  • You are clever and beautiful.
  • People will trust you.
  • They will value your thoughts and opinions.

Accounts with the most followers

There are many celebrities who have also Instagram accounts, and the mostly people like to follow them. These celebrities post different things on their account. People who have an interest in their personal life or daily activities, they follow them and make them familiar with their activities. It is also said that mostly these celebrities get more likes on their posts and photos because they have more followers and their followers have more interest to see their posts.

There are many accounts on Instagram that have many followers, or it can say that the list of their followers is lengthy. Some of the accounts with the most followers are discussed below:

Selena Gomez

Selena gomez on Instagram

She is a young star, and she has faced a very difficult past. But now by making little efforts, she is successful to have more followers on Instagram. It is said that her account has almost 133 million followers. And this is considered to be the huge amount of the followers. It is said that due to her large number of followers, her account also falls in the category that is in the top list of the followers. She shares her activities like having a pizza or some posts of her private life. Her fans always enjoy her posts, and she gets the maximum likes.

Selena Gomez on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo instagram followers

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as the number 1 guy on Instagram, which has the maximum followers. It is estimated that the Cristiano Ronaldo has almost 121 million followers. At the beginning of his career, he was at the sixth number, but now he is considered to be the second most popular person on Instagram concerning the followers. People from all over the world follow him on Instagram and like his posts the most.

Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian on Insta

Her account has 108 million followers. She posts many glam shots. She also posts many photos with her family. Her fans like to see her beautiful posts with her family. She gets the maximum likes on her posts because maximum people are following her account. Her maximum followers are the source to get the maximum likes.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram


Beyonces Instagram

Beyoncé has 111 followers on Instagram, and this account is also in the list of accounts that have maximum followers. She has uploaded many fashion shoots there that attract people the most. Her posts get maximum likes because there are 111 million people, who are following her account.

Beyonce on Instagram

Taylor Swift

taylor swifts instagram

Taylor Swift has 106 million followers on the Instagram. Although she has a very simple profile, she has made her place on social media. Her fans like her posts and encourage her. When she released her album, and gained alot of attention, she also gained alot of new followers.

Taylor Swift on Instagram

Ariana Grande

Ariana grandes instagram account

Ariana Grande is at the third position on the Instagram and also in the top list of the accounts that have the maximum followers on Instagram. Her account has 117 million followers. It also falls in the list of 10 most followed accounts. She attracts her fans by posting the frequent vacation selfies. Her fans like her posts and it can say that her posts have maximum likes because her account has the maximum followers.

Ariana Grande on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

She has 79.7 million followers on Instagram. It is believed that she will surprise the people by getting almost 80 million followers. She has earned the fame in dancing, music and acting and people are still fans of her. People think that she is one of the most famous celebrities to follow on Instagram.
Mostly, people like her posts. That is why she gets the maximum likes because she has the maximum followers.

Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

Nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj followers amount

She has 91.9 million followers on Instagram. People consider her as the queen of the rap. Her outspoken personality is one of the reason due to which mostly people like to follow her on Instagram. People find her posts as interesting as they can’t even wait for her next post. They like her posts the most.

Nicki Minaj on Instagram


Neymars instagram

He is another amazing soccer legend. He plays for the team of Brazil. Mostly people like his skills and follow him. It is amazing to hear that he has 102 million followers on Instagram. He has a large number of fans that are his followers also. People, who follow him, like the posts that he shares. He gets the maximum likes because of his large number of followers. It is estimated that the average number of people who like his photos daily is 4.7 million. He always attracts the people by his amazing talent.

Neymar on Instagram

Lionel Messi

Messi instagram account

His Instagram account has 98 million followers. He is considered the best soccer player. Due to his performance; he has the power to attract most of the people. Almost more than 98 million people are his fans. He is considered as the best player of Argentina.

Lionel Messi on Instagram

These all are the accounts on Instagram that have maximum followers. Mostly people like to follow their favorite celebrities, and that is the simple explanation. When the celebrities upload any picture or post, they will get alot of engagement because people follow has alot of interest in them.

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