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A post with no likes at all is not going to be viral, that’s for sure. By getting alot of likes on your post it will send a clear message to Instagram’s algorithm: that the post has high quality. This is a big factor in getting your post to hit the explore page or rank top 9 on hashtag search!

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The benefits of Instagram: why is it good for marketing?

80% of all users follow a business on Instagram.

Instagram is a major social media platform in our world today. Daily, the users are on the increase and currently it has over 700 million active users and lots of new members joining by the day.

Since its inception, it has caught the attention of the entire world having over 4.2 billion likes per day, with more than 40 billion photos been shared on a daily basis. Obviously, the world is shifting to Instagram and as earlier said, it is the fastest growing social media platform.

In recent times, buying of Instagram likes has been a trending option for many. If you are ever considering increasing of your Instagram likes but you’re still skeptical about how to go with it, then buying of those likes might just be the suitable option for you.

Just recently you could read that 32% of all internet users are on Instagram and it is really amazing to see how fast this social media platform has grown.

Why should I buy Instagram likes?

Photos with faces gets 38% more likes

Having a lot of Instagram likes means that you have a lot of people following your page and you automatically have access to feed them with whatever you want to feed them. A lot of people believe in whatever they see on social media, some even take it as standards and adhere to it – having a lot of likes could mean that you have a considerable level of influence on your followers.

With enough likes on your account, it builds the impression on others that you have good vibes and good influence and some people for that singular reason will just become loyal to your page.


Basically digital marketing is the future of the world. People are always glued to their smart phone these days.

It is in those times that you need to necessarily check the newspaper to know the latest happening in our world but the story is quite different now, with a click on Instagram, all the information you need is right before you.

A lot of people with numerous likes on Instagram can easily use that medium as a form of advertisement either for their brand or some other people’s brand. Digital marketing becomes easier when you have a large fan-base checking your Instagram activity.

So when you want to pass an information, or advertise for your brand, it is on a large basis and the chances are higher that out of those numerous followers, there would a good concerned with what you posted. So an advantage of having many Instagram likes is the ease of digital marketing that comes with it.

Building a brand

Sometimes, people don’t buy the products or services itself, they buy the brand name. A lot of people in business have to understand this, that buying likes on Instagram opens an entirely different market to you – when you consistently display pictures and write about your own brand and utilize bought likes, it increases the visibility of your brand, and as I said earlier, people buy into what they see frequently, you would be wondering why brands like Coca-Cola would still be on Instagram.

It is because they understand the power of been visible, we are in a world of numbers, and for any brand to be successful in whatever they do, they must utilize the power of social media.

The next market place is an online community. So having a large number of likes brings your brand to limelight, you would discover that when people wants to discuss about a product that your brand is producing, they would use your brand name to generalize other brands, all because of the fact you’re visible.

Instagram algorithms have a way they work which checks engagement of likes and then pushes up your brand to a wider range of people. With bought likes, it can help tweak Instagram algorithm in your favor and help increase followers and growth for your page. You can also buy Instagram followers from us at Lunarviral.

Visibility to your follower’s followers

In whatever you do, visibility is very important. You have to be seen to make it widely accepted, if you sing, write, dance or whatever, one major thing you need to rise so fast is to buy Instagram likes.

Please note that not only your followers would see what you do but also your follower’s follower. It might display in their Instagram page under their “following” tab or sometimes it may be under their “search section” but the idea remains that when you buy Instagram likes your access isn’t only to the ones you bought but even to their followers too.

Imagine that you have bought close to 1million likes on your page that means that literally several millions of people will see your activity on Instagram. Isn’t that beautiful enough.


Imagine you want to organize a major tech program for young people and you want to organize the event for close to 1000 people, imagine the amount you would spend using the TV or even the local radio and these days that people doesn’t even listen to the radio again or hardly have time for the TV. People would prefer to use their YouTube than sit in front of the TV that applies to me too.

So instead, if you have a large fan base, you can push it on your page and even ask your followers to help you push it further within 2 minutes you would be amazed how information can fly around the world. That’s the beauty of buying Instagram likes. What if you’re to campaign for election for a particular aspirant, come to think of it, how effective it would be if you have a large number of fan base through buying likes, it would be easier to push your candidate on social media.

Generating traffic

Instagram allows you to include a link in your bio, and obviously if your followers love your activity on the page they would want to click the link in your bio, visit your website and in some cases become a customer.

If you have a brand, it would make your brand sell faster because its more visible and seen everywhere. So with buying likes on Instagram you can make your posts go viral, generating traffic to your account.

Build your name

Imagine having numerous followers who follow your activities daily, you can start up something with that. For instance, if you’d love to be a motivational speaker, you can start by sending motivational videos on your page and with the bought likes people begin to notice your page and your name as a motivational speaker, and things get easier along that area.

You can also begin to make quotes with your name tagged with it, people begin to see you as honorable and know what you do, or if you love to sing and you’re just up-coming, you can always start by composing and recording the songs and sending it to your page –doing this frequently would open new opportunities to you.

You never can tell if there is a brand out there who is looking for young people with professional voices to sing for them so all of your activity must be excellently done and remember that it is one thing to have follower and the likes, and another to keep them. You have to constantly like their photos, be actively involved in the community to keep them.

You become a power and a voice.

As at June 2018, Singer Selena Gomez was the most-followed person on the photo sharing app platform with more than 135.5 million followers. Sheis a voice and a power in this generation, obviously she would have critics but much more she would have fans and she would be able to wield a strong power if she wants anything happen anywhere. Influential people have authority and power and the number of likes you get shows how influential you have become.

Trust and reliability

With many Instagram likes, other people can trust your brand better, business is majorly a battle of numbers, and when others see your number of likes they are compelled to like also as it paints a picture of credibility to your audience. People want to see the activities going on your page and this involves likes. Due to the fact that you have a good number of likes, chances are higher that your brand becomes the more trusted brand, the most trusted business, and that alone is a plus for you.

Now, you should be thinking of buying Instagram likes to advance whatever you do online. The world is moving so fast that it’s not a function of hard work but a function of smart work. The man that knows how to get things done eventually carries the day.